Nixplay Smart Photo Frames

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Nixplay Smart Photo Frames

May 31, 2023 Blog 0

Nixplay Smart Photo Frames are digital picture frames that allow you to upload photos for display from the Nixplay app or via email. You can share photos with friends and family anywhere in the world who can view them on their own Nixplay frames. Nixplay aims to keep people connected through photos shared instantly – a modern way to display the images you cherish with those that matter most.

Product Range

Nixplay offers the following digital photo frame models:
•Seed – Entry-level 8-inch frame with USB and WiFi connectivity. Displays up to 3,000 photos.
•Iris – Mid-range 10.1-inch frame with USB, WiFi and Bluetooth. Connects to Nixplay mobile app. Stores up to 10,000 photos.
•Smart Frame – Larger 13.3 to 19-inch frames with full Nixplay experience. WiFi connected, syncs with app and other frames. Stores 50,000+ photos.
•Touch Screen Frame – All the features of the Smart Frame with the added capability of a touch LCD for quick navigation. Available in 13.5 and 19 inches.
•Pebble – Compact portable frame with 5-inch display, Built-in rechargeable battery and WiFi connectivity. Syncs with your Nixplay frames and the mobile app on the go.


Nixplay Smart Photo Frames offer:
•Easy photo upload: Upload and share photos on your frame through the Nixplay mobile app, email or USB. Photos automatically display on connected frames.
•Motion sensor: Frame activates when you enter the room for energy efficiency and optimum viewing. Screen dims in sleep mode but periodically displays new photos.
•Customizable display: Create slideshows, choose transitions and time photos are displayed. Share photos instantly or schedule them for specific times and dates.
• Sync and share: Link multiple frames together to automatically share and display the same photos on all of them simultaneously. Share photos with friends and family who have their own Nixplay frames.
•Online photo storage: All your photos are securely stored in the cloud on Nixplay’s servers. Access and share your photos from anywhere in the world using the mobile app or company’s website.

Nixplay’s connected digital photo frames aim to bring you closer to the friends and family that matter through shared memories and moments captured in photos. Their platform makes displaying and sharing your priceless pictures simple allowing you to reconnect over the images you treasure most. For modern families separated by distance yet bonded through photographs and the experiences they represent, Nixplay keeps your most cherished memories alive – shared for all to view and enjoy.